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The client is looking for a strong leader to take charge of all marketing related tasks, who can function responsibly and independently from the office and keep both MDs continuously informed of planned forthcoming activities and the status of current ones.  This person needs to be fluent in marketing and able to independently highlight lucrative e-marketing opportunities, act on them pro-actively and identify maximising pointers, afterwards. Their main area of concern will be to manage the e-marketing space by dividing their time equally (50/50 ie.  two weeks at a time) between two medium sized enterprises.  Reporting to the respective Managing Directors their duties will include but not be limited to:

·         Development and detailed execution of a comprehensive marketing plan for each enterprise;

·         Research into relevant market segments eg. Restaurants, lodges, 4x4 and outdoor markets; motor dealers etc.

·         Research into focus groups eg men/women/youth, schools, universities & colleges etc

·         Identification of specific markets and focus groups per each marketing intervention to optimise hit rate thereof;

·         Design, development and distribution of Newsletters and special offers (weekly) via e-mail, and other social network platforms (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/SMS’s etc);

·         Management of pamphlet marketing; give-away promotions and traditional marketing adverts and advert boards;

·         Compile and maintain databases of potential clients to optimise marketing effectiveness and efficiency of each intervention;

·         Maintain company branding (vehicles, clothes, signatures, stationery, packaging etc);

·         Maintain company websites.


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